Random proposal #1 : traffic law

I think all vehicles should be required to have a mechanism that detects the distance between the front end to the next vehicle's rear.

It could calculate the minimum distance that must be maintained between vehicles, based on the speed you are traveling. There could be rounding, to be lenient. So, 50 miles per hour should be about 5 car lengths between. Up to 55 mph, would be the same distance. Over 55mph up to 65 mph, there should be 6 cars legnths between.

Average car lengths are calculable from dealer specs, and would exclude any oddballs, like these tiny cars we see every now and then, to give them the most cushion.

If you are too close, an annoying beep should sound in the cabin, and, a light on the top center of the windshield should flash. The only way to stop these would be to decelerate until you meet the expected distance.

These distances are already required knowledge in order to obtain a drivers license. But, they are never enforced. With this equipment, if a highway patrolman sees your light flashing, without correction, you should be subject to a ticket for driving too close. The officer can observe if you are ignoring the warnings, or if you are slowing down. A basic study of deceleration times could determine how long the officer needs to observe before they can fairly ticket you. If someone collects many of these tickets, they ought to face license suspension.

I am sick of irresponsible sicko drivers risking lives and property because they don't give themselves enough time to stop. The worst of all, something I see everytime I drive to UMSL, are bigrigs tailgating at 70mph. And I mean TAILGATING, as in, less then one car length between - at 70mph. Outrageous! And these guys never have a phone number posted for complaints, because, they know, I - or somebody - would call.

Not only is life too precious, in the event of high-speed accident, but, my car is so vitally important, the risk of property damage is practically equally as bad. I am sure most drivers rely on their vehicle just as much as I do.

I don't care how great you might be otherwise, if you are willing to risk lives with a several ton metal machine, you get a sicko label in my book.

This would also help in traffic jams, when traveling under 50, to allow space for merging vehicles. One vehicle at a time could enter between spaces. This "zipper rule" is an unofficial law in jammed parking lots, like at ballgames and colleges. It ought to be formalized, its really about being a courteous and safe (defensive) driver.

For that matter, it is just as irresponsible to drive too slowly. If you can't go as fast as 50 mph on a (unjammed) freeway, you shouldn't be on the freeway. Highway patrol can already pull you over for that.

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